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Medical Consulting Solutions (MCS) is a multidisciplinary healthcare consulting firm offering experienced functional and technical consultants to hospitals and physician practices.

We provide a full range of physician practice management services.   Our areas of expertise include all aspects of healthcare information technology and revenue cycle management.  Our team of project managers, clinical analysts, senior IT specialists and implementation experts bring a unique, multidisciplinary approach to the challenges you face.  Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, we provide scalable services that cater to the unique needs of each hospital or physician practice.


MCS_logo-200Presenting an integrated approach to improving operational, clinical and financial performance.

We help health care organizations and private practices flourish by addressing not just technological mandates but by addressing issues and uncovering overlooked opportunities. Call us today.




Martin W. Nealon, Partner

As a founder and partner of Medical Consulting Solutions (MCS) Martin Nealon has been responsible for establishing and building Medical Consulting Solutions and is currently responsible for business strategy and development, project management, and operational oversight. He has been in this role since the inception of the company.

With over 20 years of experience within the healthcare industry, Mr. Nealon’ s career has spanned all healthcare business models including: Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO)s, Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO)s, Independent Physician Administration (IPA)s, Behavioral Health Organizations, Third Party Administrators (TPA)s, Integrated Health Delivery Networks, Medical Group Practices and Clinics, Hospitals and affiliated Provider Hospital Organizations (PHO)s and Medical Services Organizations (MSO)s.

Mr. Nealon leads MCS in the design, implementation, and operation of innovative business solutions. His diverse background and operational insight allow him to effectively and successfully manage the integration of business processes and Health Information Technology (HIT) within disparate healthcare organizations. Mr. Nealon’ s experience includes configuration and process design of HIT, as well as expertise with Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), cost containment, and business process reengineering. Working with more than 10 hospital systems and over a 1,000 physicians, he has directed the development, installation and training of Electronic Practice Management (EPM) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) across multiple software applications. Mr. Nealon has extensive experience implementing a wide variety of technologies in a broad range of settings, using innovative solutions to solve complex business problems.

Prior to creating Medical Consulting Solutions, Mr. Nealon managed in a number of healthcare insurance operational environments as well as physician and hospital practices where he directed the development and installation of healthcare insurance process redesign and software applications. He served as Director of Operational Excellence for a publically held organization, with over 1,000,000 covered lives. Here he directed the tracking, communication and creation of process flows between all departments to include health plan services, provider relations, claims, and contract/provider configuration. He has also provided consultative services to multiple Fortune 500 companies including NextGen Healthcare/Quality Systems Inc., Perot Systems, and McKesson.

Mr. Nealon received a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Politics with a minor in Spanish at The Pennsylvania State University. He is currently a corporate sponsor of a local philanthropic non-profit organization, participating in the planning and execution of fundraising for disadvantaged children. He is also a member of the Virginia Beach Masonic Lodge and has served on the Board of Directors within his local community.