Central Billing Office Optimization

With the ever-changing landscape of the health care industry, it is becoming more essential than ever to focus time and effort on developing a long term plan on how to be successful into the future.  One of the most important elements of your practice is a well-defined and documented strategic plan with a clear mission and vision statement for the practice, defined strategic initiatives and agreed upon measures of success. MCS has developed a process to assist your practice, no matter the size, in defining each of these variables to ensure a focus on the most important priorities as the practice moves into the future. We begin our process by taking a deep dive into your market to understand the specific dynamics that are impacting your practice today and will continue to impact it into the future.  We then move into the core planning elements which include the following:

  • Clearly defined Mission and Vision statement for the practice
  • Completion of a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunity and Threats) analysis to ensure that there is clear understanding on what is impacting the practice and what are the areas to focus on for future success
  • Defining the Strategic Pillars which include Quality, Growth, Finance, Satisfaction and People
  • Developing the long range goals for the practice within each Strategic Pillar in order to begin to answer, “What does good look like?”


WorkflowDesignWorkflow Design & Implementation

Change management can be a complicated process. MCS’s team of Consultants understands that change needs to be evaluated and managed in a way that reduces conflict and enhances workplace dynamics. MCS works with clients to redesign workflows, both before and after implementation. We do this for Customization and configuration to maximize the use of your system Scenarios on how to use the core templates for optimal clinical workflow. The success of many practices rests on the ability to deliver quality improvements in numerous areas, including patient care, practice management, and data delivery and usage. The combination of our Healthcare HIT solutions and comprehensive MCS Consulting Services helps clients leverage reporting tools that allow practices, Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs),Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and Community Health Centers (CHS) to build best practice care standards and generate a cycle of continuous quality improvement that can ultimately lead to a higher quality of patient care. And for ACOs and PCMHs that can mean better patient population health and more revenue.

Healthcare IT Consulting

Healthcare IT consulting by experienced functional and technical consultants scalable to any size health care provider. Our areas of expertise include all aspects of healthcare information technology and revenue cycle management.

GoLiveSupportGo Live Support

As part of Go-Live planning and support, MCS will work with you to develop a customized roadmap, including scheduling and staffing requirements, and both pre-Go-Live and Go-Live Project Management. Our Support Services blends a core team of project managers, trainers and support specialists in order to deliver a successful clinical implementation. Our consultants are experienced with and certified in NextGen, Epic, Cerner and McKesson, as well as other industry software systems in both inpatient and ambulatory settings.

Let MCS help lead your upgrade implementation. Our consultants have done countless Go live support engagements and with more than 40 years of HIT development, MCS has a broad background of Best Practices experience for you to draw from as your practice prepares to upgrade to comply with ever-changing healthcare requirements.

OperationsImproveOperations Improvement and Interim Management

The ability to keep operations running effectively and efficiently is vital to your organizations short and long term survival.  MCS can provide operations improvement and cost reduction solutions that will enable your practice to become easier to manage and more profitable.

At various stages throughout an organization’s lifecycle, you may need a proven senior executive or other competent professionals to help maximize stakeholder value. MCS has the uniquely skilled personnel and resources required to assume critical roles within the highest levels of an organization. Many of our professionals have been industry leaders for more than 25 years and have an extensive range of backgrounds and credentials, having previously served in roles as CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CMO, and Administrators . We can assume responsibilities for the period of time necessary to support your organization and often on abbreviated notice. Our mission is to work with management, physicians the board, shareholders and key vendors to develop and implement value enhancing solutions tailored to meet your specific needs

ManagedCareContractsManaged Care Contracts Evaluation

MCS employs specialists in contract evaluation and negotiation who can review your organization’s current manage care agreements, as well as evaluate new payer agreements as they are presented.  Our team will calculate the financial impact of each payer agreement and make valuable recommendations concerning necessary changes to maximize your reimbursement.

The contract between a physician or other health care professional and a managed care organization (MCO) such as a provider-sponsored network, integrated delivery system, health maintenance organization, or other health care plan, is the fundamental document which frames, defines and governs their relationship. Contractual provisions can affect payment, office organization, practices and procedures, and confidential records as well as clinical decision-making. MCS has helped its clients to recover millions of dollars by reviewing, organizing, and analyzing contracts and payments according to fee schedules along with the configuration of your system and the codes your physicians use.

FinancialPlanningRevenue Cycle Management

The revenue cycle consists of every task performed from the moment your patient enters the system including all encounters, activities and transactions – which lead to revenue generation and collection. MCS provides oversight of the process pertaining to collection functions, policy control, compliance and audits that are involved in obtaining reimbursement for rendered services. Our Six-Sigma approach will provide you with the information necessary to diagnose financial and operational problems within your practice in order to increase your profitability.