For many years Healthcare Organizations had little incentive to focus resources on what is called “self-pay”, “Co-pay”, and Deductibles related to medical events. For tax exempt organizations a decent portion of this could be classified as Charity Care to meet the IRS requirement to maintain exempt status.

However, new forces are in place to make the patient population bear a much more significant role in the payment of their medical obligations. This is due to many factors including employers electing high deductible and heavy co-pay plans to keep costs in line, many employers dropping healthcare for their staff moving them to Obamacare, the misunderstanding of Obamacare for many families that these plans carry unacceptable deductibles without them filing for and getting subsidies, and family financial stress related to higher costs for food and shelter coupled with under-employment at lower pay (or part time) coupled with no benefits.

Offer your patients monthly billing options while streamlining administrative tasks and reducing billing and collection costs. Our RCM-EZpay secure online payment solution can be customized to complement the needs of your office. Our product RCM-EZpay helps hospitals and physician practices with posting of patient payments into their practice management system.

Our product, can automatically post patient payments to any PM system, enabling the client to:

  • Save time – no more manual entries
  • Identify all outstanding self-pay accounts receivable
  • Clean up Accounts Receivable
  • Work all charges and ultimately process for collections
  • Reduce-charge entry errors – post payments automatically to either the account or encounter level